25 Best Caravan Blogs & News Sources You Need to Follow Right Now

If you’re searching for the most informative, educational and experienced caravan blogs, then you’ve come to the right place. With the camping and caravan industry worth £6bn in the UK alone, there are plenty of websites, blogs and forums dedicated to serving camping enthusiasts.

However, which ones do you really want to keep up-to-date with?

Coming straight from the caravan and motor home industry, CAMP has carefully selected a winners list of the best blogs and news sources from across the web to help you find the information you need.

All our featured websites will be receiving a shiny new badge for their content efforts:


Whether you’re a camping newbie or an experienced caravan expert, these websites offer the best content to help you get the most out of the camping lifestyle.

Ready to set up camp? Take a look at our winners.

  1. Caravan Club


Europe’s biggest touring community. Now known as the Caravan and Motorhome Club, this feature-rich website offers in-depth knowledge and advice around many different camping and touring topics.

  1. Camping and Caravanning Club


    With wide-spanning news and advice on every aspect of camping, the Camping and Caravanning Club website offers competitions, shows and exhibition dates, including all the up-to-date camping news.

    1. Go Outdoors


    One of the most popular sites for touring the UK, Go Outdoors provide a very active site full of new bog posts that cover a variety of topics that are very useful for the modern traveller. Tips to become a barbecue master? The best dog walks across Britain? The top campsites based in the UK mountains?

    If you love camping and the outdoors, you’ll love Go Outdoors.

    1. Caravan Guard


    Caravan and motorhome insurance specialists Caravan Guard regularly update their blog with the latest leisure vehicle reviews, as well as vital safety and money-saving articles for owners.

    They have a vast array of hints and tips for those new to touring or the more experienced caravanner or motorhome owner, plus accessory guides, information videos and some great giveaways. Really helpful!

    1. Out & About Live


    One of the most comprehensive camping websites you could hope for, with all sorts of camping news and information sent out in their weekly newsletter. You can find it all here

    1. Camping for Women


    What it says on the tin! An international camping and outdoors website made by women, for women! This busy site offers an extensive list of outdoor activities, including the best research on camping and motor homes. Any female camper should have this first on their reading list!

    1. Practical Caravan


    A very useful website and newsletter, Practical Caravan offers users the chance to read caravan advice, vehicle and accessory reviews and travel guides. The website also features a populated and busy caravan forum, a useful resource to anyone who wants their unquiet queries answered.

    1. Caravan Talk


    Another community-led website, Caravan Talk’s main focus is it’s member forum. With many different sections and news updates, it’s a great resource for all your camping questions.

    1. In Pursuit of a Dream


    Deb and Steve are budding campers, enjoying themselves on the road when they can. They offer helpful reviews and thoughts on many different camping experiences across the country. Their helpful blog enjoys a healthy following of travellers.

    1. Tin Box Traveller


    A popular UK family travel blog, Tin Box Traveller offers readers many tips and advice on the different ways a family can enjoy visiting certain destinations, such as camping with the kids: the best foods that the whole family can enjoy.

    1. Caravan Chronicles


    ‘Not just another caravan blog’ is how Caravan Chronicles describes itself. It is one of the most popular caravan blogs from across the whole world, not just in the UK.

    Honest, relatable and with a good touch of humour, the Caravan Chronicles blog is headed up by keen caravan man Simon P Barlow, with some occasional input from his wife, Sue.

    His detailed guides on caravan set-up will assist even the most ignorant of campers.

    1. The Trudgians


    ‘Home is Where We Park It’ is The Trudgians slogan. A great ideology to have for camping!

    The two heading up the blog, Dan and Angela, have a charming story of how they discovered a great camping holiday (mainly due to the international expenses – so who can blame them!). They’re up-to-date on all things tech, so they are able to offer advice on the most useful apps you can download, how best to sell your caravan and also different camping product reviews.

    There’s a lot to digest on their site, so go take a look!

    1. Cassoa


    CASSOA stands for the Caravan Storage Site Owner’s Association. Their useful site is packed with tips and tricks for budding caravan people. A lot of content is covered here, including how to prepare your caravan for winter (trickier than it appears!).

    1. How 2 Caravan


    Though not as active as some websites, How 2 Caravan still holds a plethora of useful information on its pages. The site’s owner, Josh Garrod, also put together an Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Caravan, which you can have directly emailed to you for download.

    1. Allens Caravans


    A family business that has thrived since its inception in the 1930s, Allens Caravans is now one of the country’s most well-established caravan park operators.

    They keep their blog well up-to-date, with insightful articles and regular thought pieces on the caravan industry. We’d recommend them.

    1. Campsite Chatter


    A quite niche little page but it is brimming with helpful stories advice from previous campers. There’s a great variety of camping feedback here, so be sure to take a look through.

    1. Inspired Camping


    Started by a passionate Performance Coach, Sarah Riley created a site made for camping and glamping enthusiasts. Inspired Camping provides a wonderful free resource to discover business news across the camping industry, in addition to offering the best camping advice for the modern traveller.

    1. British Travel Blog


    Covering not just the camping world, the British Travel Blog includes many topics to discover and learn about. However, on the camping side, it’s a fantastic resource full of useful information. With tips for buying a caravan, location guides and the top camping hotspots across the UK, the British Travel Blog is well worth a look if you’re a keen traveller!

    1. Lifesure


    Another insurance provider across the caravan and motor home industry, Lifesure also provide a brilliant array of camping tips, event notifications, pre-season checklists, location history etc. There is an impressive amount of content within this website that’s well worth reading up on.

    1. Caravan Site Finder


    You’re able to browse 5792 camping and caravan sites here, as the name might suggest.

    A great little gem is CSF’s blog, which includes plenty of location-based content and advice, with many detailed guides to help you through your touring trips.

    1. Crows Nest Caravan Park


    The Crows Nest brings you news, events and announcements from around the Yorkshire Coast in the UK. So if you’re ever thinking of camping around these popular hotspot areas, this is a fantastic resource!

    1. The Best of British


    This useful website, aimed upmarket, displays the latest news on any new park awards, facilities or events happening throughout the year that you should keep your eye on. All Best of British parks are carefully selected throughout the country. Only the cream of the crop makes it in!

    1. The Motorhome Blog


    A brilliant place for insurance customers (or just readers!) to find useful resources that helps them get more out of their motor home lifestyle. There’s lots of updated content covering lots of topics here, so it makes a great read.

    1. Cover 4 Caravans


    Whilst their site is an insurance provider first, Cover 4 Caravans is chocked full of specific guides and articles, covering caravan gadgets, tools, safety, awnings, touring, storage ... there’s lots to discover here.

    1. Towergate


    From tips on towing to advice on luxury camping, or the best ways in which to prepare for a European caravan holiday, Towergate is another worthy addition here to your caravan following.


    Well Done to the Winners!

    Phew! That’s a lot of great blogs, new sources and websites for you! Big congratulations to all who have featured!

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    Happy camping!

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