10 Best Caravan & Motorhome Clubs You Can Join Right Now

Caravan and motorhome clubs offer fantastic membership rates and benefits for keen campers, with numerous rallies, events and discounts held throughout the year. 

There are far too many across the UK to list them all. So, us at Caravan & Motorhome Parts thought we’d run another awards piece to find you the best clubs from around the web, so you don’t have to!

You can find them all listed here, with a link and information for each one.

Each club featured will be sent their special CAMP Awards badge.

The Best Caravan & Motorhome Clubs in the UK:

Freedom Camping Club:


A club run by people for the people. The Freedom Camping Club’s aim is to bring together the people who enjoy camping as a recreational activity with those who own the most suitable camping locations across the country.

They focus on identifying safe and suitable camping locations for caravanners. They strongly believe that camping plays a fundamental role in developing a strong family bond, not just by the memories that come with it.

Their membership is free and lifelong, offering multiple discounts across a variety of camping sites – in addition to one free night of camping every year.


Irish Camping & Caravanning Club          


Based in Ireland, the ICCC was established in 1971. This caravan club prides them self on being fun for all the family. Catering for everyone and featuring a very full calendar, 6 designated local branches and exclusive member sites, this busy caravanning club is perfect for any keen camper in Ireland.


Historic Caravan Club   


Formed in 1993 by a group of historic caravan enthusiasts, the Historic Caravan Club aims to ‘promote the restoration, preservation, use and display of early historic caravans’. Don’t own a historic caravan? Not to worry, this club doesn’t exclusively cater towards them. If you do have a keen interest in the motorhomes of old, though, this is definitely the right club for you.


International Caravanning Association 


A self-help association, the ICA are a welcoming bunch that cater to all; camping, walking, cycling, or even just a general interest. With an informative website, seasonal magazines and plenty of rallies held throughout the year that celebrate the outdoors lifestyle, you are sure to be with friends at the ICA.


British Caravanners Club             


Formed in 1933, with a particular interest in new caravan owners, the British Caravanners Club have over 6,000 families on board, with more than 10,000 club members spread across different areas in the UK. Each area is ran by its own committee that organise rallies etc. With regular annual meetings regarding the running of the club by its members, the BCC keeps itself responsive and up-to-date with anything camping related.


Dormile Owners Club   


These kind folk operate a specialist club that caters for owners of classic and modern dormible motor caravans. Many caravanners hold a passion for a specific model or type of caravan, so it’s only right that there are clubs that cater for these keen campers.

If you’re interested in owning a dormobile caravan, or even have a keen interest, then make sure to get in touch with them!


Camping & Caravanning Club    


Established in 1901, the Camping and Caravanning Club is the world's oldest and largest caravan clubs for all forms of camping. With over 600,000 members, they are one of the most popular camping clubs across the UK. They are a not-for-profit organisation, putting every penny they earn back into the business to improve their service for its members.


Motor Caravanners Club             


This popular club provides exclusive membership for all ages with ownership or use of any motorised camping vehicle.

At the Motor Caravanners Club, there are over 500 social gatherings spread across the UK. With 26 friendly groups positioned around the country, a free monthly magazine, year book and multiple discounts, you’d have to come up with a very good reason not to sign up!



Amateur Radio Caravan & Camping Club


Have a love for radio caravanning? Not sure what it is, but like the sound of it? Then you need to get in touch with the amateur radio caravan & camping club.

The club has spread geographically, to over 23 counties since its formation 18 years ago. Their radio caravanning rallies usually involve setting up camp in a larger-than-average field, so that a big wire aerial can be installed in the middle to play radio from.

Offering plenty of friendly welcomes and pleasant social events, the ARCC is a fantastic caravan club for those who fancy something a little different to their camping lifestyle.  


Congratulations to all those featured!

These are the best caravan clubs across the UK, offering both variety and scale in their membership schemes. We've featured both big and small caravan clubs, making sure each gets their own well-deserved recognition for their efforts!

Make sure you give each featured caravan club a good look in, as you never know who might take your fancy.

Think you deserve a CAMP Award?

Get in touch!

We'd be happy to hear from any club that you feel we might've missed (big or small!) who feels they're up to scratch. 

Happy camping!

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