History of Caravans - A Timeline Infographic

Caravan History?

You may have owned a caravan for a year, you might have owned one your whole life, but have you ever wondered where these portable homes came from?

After all, caravans are much like cars. They worked in tandem over the years. When the motor vehicle advanced further, so did the caravans.

Now, the caravan you own today might have it's own self-flushing bathroom, sliding doors, heaters, UltraHD TV, perhaps a king-sized bed and fully-equipped kitchen - but if you take this back at least 100 years, your caravan would be unrecognisable. 

Originating back in the 19th Century, you can thank Dr William Stables for purchasing the very first caravan in 1885. It may have looked a little different to the ones you own today!

During the initial period after their inception, caravans were seen as highly upper-class - transportable homes on wheels? Pulled by two strong horses? Essentially, you would require lots of money if you wanted this lifestyle. Compare that to the modern age, where caravans are now highly accessible across the holiday and camping industry.

Here at Caravan & Motorhome Parts, we've dug around to find the best pieces of caravan history and strung it all together into a timeline infographic, so you can see the development of your favourite camping vehicle. 

 History of Caravans


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