Winter in a Caravan or Motorhome

Gas not Electric for Heating!

We're all used to hooking up to electricity for the TV, kettle and overnight phone charging. Some I know have an even greater need - hair straighteners! 

But on a ski-trip to Austria in Dec 2016 I hooked-up and set the motorhome heating thermostat to 18 degrees C. After about 3 days I checked the on-site electricity meter to gauge my spend rate and was horrified to learn I'd racked up a bill of over €200! Makes sense when you consider the temperature at night frequently drops below -10 degrees C, but I was a rookie. 

So, gas is the answer and be prepared:

  1. Propane gas is required in cold temperatures. Butane is not good below -5.
  2. A 6kg propane bottle would do about 3-4days in my 8.5m Motorhome (€28 not €200!)
  3. The Austrian (German) gas bottle required different pipe fittings to my UK bottles
  4. The pipes required are called "pigtails" in the trade
  5. You can buy the French, German, Italian and UK pigtail variants from the Gas section on this website.


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