Student Survival Tin

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Student Survival Tin 

Novelty gift for a new student, congratulate them with a unique novelty gift.

Description: The Student Survival Tin, impress everyone on day 1, everything you need in a tin, real GI Army Dog Tags, Energy food and drinks, a spork for eating one handed, a tiny tin opener, ear plugs (to stop scary house noises) pencil & paper for food lists, a compass to find your way around and emergency condom (don’t confuse with the tea bag, that’s full of holes!!)


  • Real Army DOG TAG’s,
  • Kendall Mint Cake,
  • Beef OXO Cube,
  • A button Compass,
  • Pencil & Paper,
  • Ear plugs,
  • Steel Folding Spork,
  • universal tin opener,
  • Coffee,
  • Teabag,
  • Condom

Weight: 216g

Product size: 12 x 8.5 x 3.5

Product code. ADV054