AL-KO Premium Jockey Wheel

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AL-KO automotive sector products ensure your safety on the road. They are regarded as a highly reliable partner to their automotive customers and specialise in pressed parts and welded assemblies.

All products are designed to keep you safe and to give greater comfort and enjoyment out on the roads.

All chassis and chassis components for trailers, leisure vehicles and light commercial vehicles manufactured by AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik proudly bear the "AL-KO – Quality For Life" brand logo.
The Premium Jockey Wheel is designed for use with motorised caravan movers and features extra wide, grooved rubber tyres, swing arm suspension and an integrated load indicator to gauge the noseweight of the caravan. This saves time and effort preparing for your journey.
  • Static load capacity 300kg max
  • Dynamic load capacity 180kg max
  • Corrosion protection galvanised
  • Tyre 230 x 80mm solid rubber
  • Wheel bearings friction bearings
  • Net weight 9.8kg

    Product Code. QQ007193B

    • Integrated wheel nose load display saves time and effort
    • Broad, grooved rubber wheel
    • Integrated swing arm suspension
    • Detachable wheel
    • Removable, ergonomic crank handle
    • Thrust bearing and low friction crank ensures smooth and easy operation
    • High-quality corrosion protection.

    Product Code. 1552197/QQ007193B