Golf Survival Tin

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Golf Survival Tin

Your new golfing buddy! Compact in size and lightweight to add to your golf bag or slip into your pocket. Handy golf survival products, never leave home without it. Make sure you survive the round all the way to the 19th hole, stress free


  • Golf Tee’s, you’ll never better your birdie without them!
  • Go Wipes, just add water and you have a handy moist wipe!
  • Handwarmer, keep your hands warm for the perfect swing
  • Vaseline, handy size tub, for your lips or friction, blister areas 
  • 4ml Sun Cream sachet, for protection in the summer
  • Energy Sweet, for when you need that extra boost to avoid the bunker
  • Small Pencil, emergency score card marker 
  • Waterproof plaster, for the unexpected emergency

Product code: ADV059