Heated Clothes Airer

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All of your clothes, towels and covers can be a real hassle to dry if the weather isn't up to much outside. Having to drape them over different areas can be time-consuming and inefficient. 

These Winged Heated Airers are therefore perfect for your caravan lifestyle. it solves all your frustrating problems with damp clothing.

Wide enough with the wings extended for you to spread your bedding out over almost 2m, the wings also fold in for use in smaller spaces and with smaller loads. Also suitable for lofts and spaces with less headroom, this wide, heated clothes drier has all the features of our Standard range: drying your wash faster whatever the weather and folding down to only 8cm deep when you need to pack it away.

Benefits of a Winged Heated Clothes Airer -

+ Versatile

These clothes airers are bale to benefit from folding shelves that can be utilised depending on your specific needs. You can lay delicate clothes flat, dry socks and underwear easily over the metal rungs, or even hang a larger sheet over the whole airer without any of it touching the ground. 

Essentially, whatever you need to dry, you now can.

+ Economical

These heated clothes airers cost just under 4p an hour to run. They are not as harsh on clothes compared to tumble dryers and provide much more space than just laying your wet laundry over anything you can find. 

+ Convenient

These heated clothes airers also benefit from their material and structure. Being made from robust and light aluminium, they can be easily moved or folded to an 8cm depth - ready and waiting to be quickly opened at any time.


Key Features:

  • 15kg Maximum load
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Folding heated wings
  • 18 heated bars
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fitted Plug
  • 1metre cable (approx)
  • Ideal for smaller areas where space is limited
  • 220 Watts
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Can be set up inside or out under the awning