Hekiplus 400 x 400 Without FV 43mm - 59mm

Mini Hekiplus  400 x 400 Without Forced Ventilation 43mm - 59mm
Used for Caravans
Product Code:  9104116243
Brand: Heki
Key features:
Our mini Hekiplus Rooflights are great for giving that extra bit of light into your caravan or motorhome.  They are compact and are standard size.
 Both models feature a lightly tinted, aerodynamically formed glass dome.
They are an off white/cream in colour which is also standard.
  • The 400 x 400 Hekiplus even features double glazing, and can be opened in three different positions (incl. poor weather position)
  • The Mini Hekis are equipped with a single-pleated darkening screen and a fly screen
  • Lever Operated
  • The Mini Hekiplus are made for Motorhome and Caravans
  • This small roof light fits neatly into the roof
  • Inner frame with darkening fly screen (can be adjusted separately)
  • Maximum opening angle: 50°
  • Double acrylic glazing
  • Three positions
  • Available with or without forced ventilation
(Please Note: Forced Ventilation is used for Motorhome and Without forced ventilation is used for Caravans)
  • For roof thickness comes in two different sizes
          25mm - 41mm
          43mm - 59mm
* Various makes and models and sizes available to order, As some of these Roof Lights are not stock items, please call for delivery time. please contact Gary or Louise in Sales