Solar Power Battery Maintainer 2.4W

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Solar Power Battery Maintainer up to 100Ah

Key Features:

  • 12 volt, 2.4 watt
  • Designed for motorhomes when in storage to send a maintenance level charge to the battery, helping prevent flat batteries
  • Simply sits on the dashboard or windscreen and connects to the 12v cigar lighter socket
  • Complete with suction cups (for windscreen mounting), LED charge indicator, 12v DC power plug, battery clips and 2.7 metre lead
  • Solar panel trickle charger to manage battery drain in parked vehicles 
  • Can be connected to the cigarette lighter or directly to the battery 
  • Will not overcharge or damage batteries 
  • Charging voltage 13-14v, open circuit 22v 
  • Applicable for all types of 12v batteries

Product Code: QQ010373