Teide BBQ by Feuerdesign

      Teide BBQ by Feuerdesign
        Key features:
    • A charcoal BBQ with no smoke ! due to the combustion chamber system.
    • The unit stays cool while the inside is hot !
    • Easy to start - all you need is charcoal and a small amount of FireDragon Lighting Gel
    • Ready to cook in 5 minutes!
    • How? - a removable fan motor supplies a jet of air to super heat the charcoal
    • 5 speed settings for cooking control
    • Ideal for caravanners and festival-goers 
    • So easy to clean – dishwasher safe
    • Fully charged fan will give 4 hours of continuous air
    • 200g of charcoal will provide cooking for 1 hour
    • Powered by recharging Fan Motor with any USB connection or power bank

    Product Code. ADV067G