Vistal All-In-One Multi-Surface Cleaner

Vistal All-In-One Multi-Surface Cleaner
One Pot Does the Lot!
Vistal is the all-in-one Multi Surface Cleaner and replaces many other caravan cleaning products for one easy to use formulation. It’s quick and effective, restoring the shine to caravan surfaces and leaving them both clean and protected.
Vistal can be used on paintwork, ABS and fibreglass, acrylic windows and anodised window frames and doesn't scratch. This is because it contains no solvents and has a neutral pH - as such it will not degrade sensitive materials such as seals, ABS panels or acrylic windows.
On your exterior it is particularly good at removing:
  • stubborn dirt
  • oxidization and yellowing
  • black streaks
  • scuffs
  • tar spots
  • algae
  • mould 
  • grease
On the inside it will clean:
  • showers
  • taps
  • sinks 
  • hobs
Vistal comes with two of ​its own special sponges
The sponge is very handy for getting into edges and troughs of textured material. What makes it unique is that the cleaner comes as a solid compound whereas most cleaning products have a high percentage of water. With Vistal you are paying just for the pure cleaning ingredients which include polishing clay, soapflakes, green soap, vegetable oils and glycerine. 
It comes dry and solid so to activate the cleaner you just wipe a dampened sponge across the surface. This sponge lightly moistens a thin layer of compound. Squeeze the sponge to get a lather, then gently rub on the surface. As you clean, the dirt comes off on the sponge. Wipe the surface clean with a damp or dry cloth. A coating of natural glycerine is left on the surface to polish and protect it and repel water. 
Because it is a dry compound Vistal also has an unlimited shelf life. One small tub is equivalent to about 50 litres of a liquid cleaning product so it goes a long way.
As well as being economical it is also biodegradeable, free of toxins and kind to the skin.